Pres Makina is the leading manufacturer of concrete mixers and central mix concrete plants. Pres Makina tilt drum concrete mixer and horizontal shrink drum concrete mixers are legendary for their mix efficiency, speed, low power consumption, and operational reliability.

While Pres Makina is a strong advocate of the tilt mixer design and its mixing superiority, Pres Makina concrete batch plants can be made available with any type of mixer available on the market. For low volume (typically precast concrete) central mix applications, pan mixers and planetary mixers are available. For high shear, energy intensive applications, twin shaft mixers are available.

A complete range – to meet every need in terms of quality and quantity.

Ability to meet the specific requirements of the user – Press is in a position to supply a complete range of complementary parts and accessories which permit “personalisation” and customisable equipment.

Expert technical assistance and spare parts service provided by our efficient and rapid organisation network which serves not only to reduce shutdown risks but also, and in particular, to prevent them.

Standard equipments :

- Cement batching units
- Weight / volume batching units for colors
- Water and various additive batching units
- Devices for automatic detection of water pre-existing in the vat for the determination of the quantity to be added
- Devices for automatic washing of the mixer interior
- Device for automatic lubrification
- Inspection gallery with access stairs
- Rail extentions for the skip
- Hydraulic power pack fot control of various operations
- Concrete feeding-doser devices
- Hoppers for concrete collection
- A series of protection devices in full conformity with safety regulations
- Emergency door opening device in the event of power failure
- Cement silos
- Fluidificatiın Plant
- Screw conveyors for cement
- Cement bag – breakinn dry hopper
- Deaerators ( Filters )