Handling Systems

Transfer and Handling Systems from PRES MAKINA

To make the production process of concrete products economical, efficient transfer and handling systems are neccessary alongside mixing and production machinery. To transfer, buffer and store fresh and cured product, PRES MAKINA offers a wide program of proven solutions.

Especially with respect to paver production, cycletimes under 10 seconds are no longer a rare occurrence. Therefore, the logistics and the product flow between the wet and dry sides are deciding factors in the quality and efficiency of the concrete production.

Fully-automated handling systems, which are designed for individual customer needs are becoming more and more important in the production of concrete stone products.

In addition to batching and mixing plants and block making machines, PRES MAKINA can also supply fully automatic plants for the production of concrete blocks and pavers, depending on customers individual circumstances and requirements, including changing market trends, including all the additional ancillary equipment necessary to enable the entire process from manufacture to product despatch.

Transport Wet Side

In front of our production machinery we have proven walking beams or belt drives to transport the fresh product. The fresh product is conveyed to an elavator that receives and collects the fres product for further transport.

Elevator / Lowerator

Pres Elevators and Lowerators have a load capacity of up to 24 tons. Depending what load is needed 2 or 4 electric drivers are used. The carring angles are especially shape to center the boards in the Elevator / Lowerator.

To avoid long waiting times when the finger cars is called by the Elavator and Lowerator at the same time, buffer carts can be used. This guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted product flow. Elavators and Lowerators from Pres are also avaible with maintenance platforms.


Depending on the model, Pres cubers can carry up to 2 tons. The unit is driven by tooth belts and powered by modern servo drives. This allows short cycle times times, highly possitioning accurancy, and a low wear factor.

Optional electric clamps with adjustable champing force or vacuum clamps to pick up products as thin as 30 mm. thickness can be used.

Transport Dry Side and Cubing

Depending on the system, latch conveyors or walkink beams are used to transport cured product to the cubing station. Walking beams have proven themselves to be the smoothes method of transporting product. This is an advantageto the product as well as the production boards.

If necessary, the dry side can be equipped wtih a stone squeezer and doubler. A regrouping unit is used to reconfigure a product layer. This consists of 2 movable tables and a pusher. To protect surfaces of curb stones, an automated slat inserting system can be used.

Transport of Finished Cubes

The finished cubes of product are being transported out of the building, with or without shipping pallets, so they can be picked up by forklift. They can either be strapped vertically and horizontally or they can be plastic-wrapped with a top sheet.

To transport cubes, slat conveyors, walking beams, trolley systems or chain drives can be used. A cube crane can be used to buffer cubes to increase the flexibility of the forklift drivers. Shipping pallets can also be buffered.

Pallet Transport Systems

User-friendly hand pallet trucks are indisputable for the transport of pallets on Pres chain conveyor systems. These standard transport resources are relatively cheap, easy to handle and offer a high degree of capacity and flexibility for internal transport.