PRO 800D   Concrete Block & Paver Machine

PRO 800D

The PRO 800 D is a fixed concrete block and paving stone production machine. It is a model with double tanks for thin and thick concrete material. The stones produced at this site have both high strength and smooth surface and coloring. The automatic pallet feeding system, which removes the need for man power and pallet feeding, is the standard feature of the PRO 800 D. The PRO 800 D is produced with compact and robust mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components and can produce all kinds of briquettes, filled blocks, suspended blocks, t blocks, paving stones, curbstones and grass stones, depending on the type of mold with excellent vibration.

Pro 800 D Standard Equipments:

  • Concrete block machine
  • Crane (For mould changing) (1500 kg)
  • Hydraulic oil tank (250 lt)
  • Mixer (750 dm3) (Including hydraulic lock system)
  • Aggregate conveyor band (8 m)
  • Moving mortar hauling band (8 m)
  • Aggregate bunker
  • Electric panel
  • Wooden palette (1000 items)


Optional Equipments:

  • Aggregate feeding tank (With automatic weighing system)
  • Cement silo (With automatic weighing system)
  • Cement conveyor (6 m)
  • Extra conveyor band
  • Elevator systems (Lifting elevator / Landing elevator)
  • All palette types (Larex, Plastic, Steel and Wood, 900 x 900 x 35 mm)
  • Crusher (In different featu