With us, everyone gets what they need: exactly the right board. That’s why we carry solid fibre glass boards as well as laminated wooden boards and softwood pallets in our range. We finish every board according to our customers’ specifications. The price structure of wooden boards makes them an attractive solution in many cases. But here, too, quality materials are the key to durability and optimal quality of concrete products throughout their service life.

On the production of WASA SOFTWOOD boards, precision is one of our top priorities. Based on our many years of experience in the industry, we have chosen to use planks with multiple tongue-and-groove joints which have been hydraulically compressed under high horizontal pressure.

Another key quality factor is the special glue we use in our bonding process, which prevents the planks from separating over the long term. Only this combination can ensure seamless surfaces also in softwood boards. Other interlocking techniques are unable to achieve such a solid bond, as the glue that has been applied is squeezed out of the grooves when the planks are joined.

As with our hardwood boards, our softwood boards also rely on strong C-profiles and steel bars with self-locking nuts, which ensure even greater stability and longer service life. Final impregnation of the boards provides reliable protection against decay.

WASA’s excellent quality enables you to produce better concrete products more cost-effectively with wooden boards as well.

• Types of wood: European spruce / fir or pine
• Single planks with tongue and groove jointsas well as 8 to 10-mm steel bars withself-locking nuts
• 2 to 3-mm C-profiles, riveted
• Ground from end-to-end and impregnated
• International tolerante on delivery
Length ± 2,50 mm
Width ± 1%
Thickness ±0,50 mm

Bending or twisting on delivery: less than 15 mm (pallets rest horizontally)